PRM service

People with disabilities are entitled to special assistance at the airport and during air travel by Union legislation (EC Regulation 1107 dated. July 5, 2006). Passengers with disabilities are provided free assistance and adequate facilities under this Act. We make every effort to ensure trouble-free travel for people with disabilities in the most comfortable conditions. In order to enlist the assistance by moving to order a wheelchair or a special diet for the duration of the flight, travelers should contact their airline directly or indirectly from the travel agency to permit an adequate preparations at the airport and during the travel. However, if you haven`t made a reservation assists, while purchasing an air ticket or later, please fill out the form, which you will find is the website of Wrocław Airport.


For deaf people requested a special SMS number: 0 609 744 700, where you can get information on assistance provided. Personal data gained from the form will be protected in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection dated 29 August 1997.
  • At the airport infrastructure is designed for people with disabilities:
    • Airport parking lots have special places for vehicles belonging to people with disabilities and their carers. Parking spaces are marked with appropriate symbols and are located near the entrance to the terminal departures and arrivals.
    • Panels call for help, which allow you to automatically request by a disabled person special assistance. These points are clearly marked and located in the parking lot for the disabled, the main entrance to the terminal and bus station.
    • Intercom,which are located in restricted areas, the arrival and departure halls. They allow you to automatically connect with the position information to airport, where you can ask for assistance, or for information about his departure.
    • Reserved seats, which are located in the arrival and departure halls (special chairs, designed and designated for people with disabilities).
    • Toilets, At the airport, in the public area and restricted area, special toilets are accessible to persons with disabilities.
    • Public phones are located throughout the airport are designed for use by persons in wheelchairs.
  • Check – in
    • For the check of people with disabilities has been designated the point of service to persons with disabilities. It is located in the terminal at the information. This position is marked and directly with him were set up special benches for people with disabilities.
  • Security Control
    • Persons with disabilities are subject to security checks to the same extent as other people. Personnel conducting security checks are properly trained in handling people with disabilities.
  • Boarding
    • After screening disabled passengers waiting to board an airplane in gate’ach, which are specially adapted seat (reserved places). In the passage from gate’u boarding to disabled persons accompanied by a staff member assists. All persons with disabilities who require assistance are carried out on board the aircraft first, unless prohibited for safety reasons. Board the aircraft provide further assistance to the passenger airline personnel.
  • Location Map: link
  • Terminal Map: link